About Us

Southern Rock-N-Blues

     DSB is primed and ready to bring their special brand of Rock-N-Roll to your next party or live event.  They are a four piece original Southern Rock-N-Blues band based out of Spartanburg, SC and if you listen close enough you can hear a sweet mix of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Funk, and Reggae. Their musical influences are as varied as the styles they play and include, but are not limited to, Tom petty, Thin Lizzy, Led Zepplin, Lynard Skynard, Rolling Stones, Rush, The Allman Brothers, The Who, and more. 

     Not only will you enjoy DSB originals, but they also play a variety of cover tunes to suit any audience with music ranging from Johnny Cash to Green Day and all points in between and beyond.  We thank you for your time and consideration and hope to hear from you soon!!


Song List

DSB offers a wide range of originals and covers to suit any audience.


Stage Setup

Under Construction


Check out this original "The Black Rose" by DSB.



Please have a listen to a couple originals by DSB, "Black Rose" and "Enough is Enough".